South Africa - Gauteng
Harp Music by
Christina Vermeulen

Christina Vermeulen has entertained people with her music for many years. She started music at a very young age and received piano lessons from Goldie Zaidel and later from Pauline Nossel. Her harp teachers were Ilona de Vos and Amarillie Ackerman.


"Music has always been a special part of my life. My mother is a well known piano teacher in Pretoria and has from an early age passed on her passion for music to me. I made my debut as a piano soloist at the age of nine. It has always been my dream to play the harp and at the age of 13 my late grandfather bought me a complete set consisting of a harp stool, music stand and Camac lever harp. This harp is very special to me and I still play it to this day."


Christina has won several awards and scholarships on both the harp and piano. She completed her harp UNISA grade VII exam with honors in 1992 and her grade VIII piano exam with honors in 1994. She studied B.Mus at Unisa after completing her matric in 1993 at the Pro Arte High School.


Some of her accomplishments:

  • SAVMO-trophy for the best junior and later senior pianist (1984 – 1993).
  • Winner of the Cambrian Society scholarship during the countrywide national Eisteddfod competition held at Wits in 1987.
  • Runner up in the SABC-Ensemble competition in 1987.
  • Member of the Northern Transvaal youth orchestra playing the harp during 1990 - 1992.
  • Performed as piano soloist with the Johannesburg- and National Symphony orchestras.
  • Takes part in the TED Concerto Festival with the National Symphony orchestra in 1990.
  • Performed with the Durban Men’s Choir as accompanist and soloist on the harp.
  • Made SABC recordings for broadcasting for which merit awards where received.
  • Won instrumentalist trophy for exceptional achievement awarded by Pro Arte in 1993.
  • Invited to the UNISA South African music scholarship competition in 1995 where she also won the Robert Clough music scholarship.
  • Chosen as one of eight pianists to receive master classes from Vladimir Viardo after a countrywide selection was made by Samro/Unisa together with the SABC.


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